Saturday, 6 December 2014

Rohtak Sisters - Video

We all saw the video of the Rohtak sisters.  They bravely fought off the men who teased them and were feted across the country by all strata of women and men alike.  The Govt also announced a bravery award to them.  They were the toast of the Nation.

Later a second video also had surfaced where the sisters were allegedly seen beating another boy.  The sisters were sitting in a park when this boy went  and asked why they were sitting in the park wasting time and not gone to college!! Consequently the sisters had apparently beat up this boy (obviously after some verbal exchanges).  Somehow a cross section of the Nation suddenly started disliking these girls after seeing that and started even questioning their intentions in the first reported incident also.

A Nation which so readily and instantly agreed with the sisters in the first instance had become  circumspect in the second instance.  This approach is confounding as it raises questions if the sisters are allowed to defend themselves only once?  Aren't they permitted to defend themselves every time their modesty is verbally or physically outraged?

Coming to the specifics of the second incident - who is that boy to ask why the sisters were sitting in a park during college time.  They may be catching up on some issues at home, college or even just lazing around taking a break from college.  Who is this guy to walk up and ask silly questions? If he was so concerned about the sisters wasting time - what was he in the first place, doing in a park during the working hours of the day? - wasn't he himself wasting his time?  He wants to be the moral keeper of these sisters but strangely doesn't set any for himself.

As a Nation, let these perverts not fool us.  These guys do whatever they want with women and when they get caught - they blame it on their dressing style, short skirts or their visiting pubs etc.  The moment they utter these things a majority of ordinary people(let alone their own ilk), become sympathetic to them and the girl ends up as the 'accused' rather than being a 'victim'.  

Let these guys and their distortion of facts after sexually assaulting a woman  not confuse us on the real issue i.e the sexual assault itself.  Let us stay with the sisters on this issue and give them the benefit of doubt (if need be).  For, i doubt any girl would go and indiscriminately hit a boy without any reason - the probable losses to the girl are infinitely more than any perceived benefits - so such a thing is unlikely in this Nation or may be even the World!!!

Such doubts about the intent of these brave girls would put paid to similar aspirations of other girls who may decide not to suffer in silence anymore.  Therefore it is important to fully back up these girls both for their own actions and also for ushering in the possible greater good.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Gauahar Khan - Beyond the slap

As reported widely in the print media, the actor was apparently shooting the finale of the reality show ‘India’s Rawstar’ on Sunday 30 Nov, when the accused, Akil Malik, 24 ran onto the stage and slapped her. Malik was  then powered by the bouncers present and was later arrested.

The accused claimed that he slapped her, as she wore skimpy clothes which is against Islam.  Though Guaahar khan resumed the shoot within an hour which is a commendable effort, the line taken by the accused must have put her a bit on the back foot, having to justify her dress code.

Now look at the irony of the situation (as reported in print media):-

1. A man first teases her on her own show
2. He argues with her
3. Then goes on stage and inappropriately touches her in front of hundreds of people and on national tv
4. Then, he even slaps her
5. And thereafter, he claims to have slapped her for wearing short revealing clothes!!!


A man teases, touches and slaps a woman who is a big celebrity in front of hundreds of people and thereafter the lady finds herself on the backfoot just because of one statement by the accused!!


This guy was also released on bail later!!! He should have been charged with some non bailable offences and kept in jail atleast for a few days!!

This incident would leave a mark on the self confidence and courage of several women and for this reason alone, the accused must be swiftly and severely punished.  Unless that is done, other like minded men may harbour plans of similarly molesting a woman and slap her too & then claim to have done it only because of her skimpy dress or to teach her a lesson.


Therefore, we must all ensure that such sick minded people are not allowed to carry out such dastardly acts with another woman.  We also must demand that the current act is dealt with swiftly to serve as a deterrent to other men.


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