Friday, 14 June 2013

A Star is wasted - Jiah Khan

She had a lot going for her - a sensual face, terrific figure and a smouldering smile - quite an irresistible combination.  She had a grand entry opposite amitabh and had a few good films later on too.  Having acted in a few films in bollywood, she should have realised the fickleness in the bollywood relations and how people move on to newer ones.

When we seriously think of it - let alone in bollywood - most of us would have had an affair or two before getting married - and most of us would have have let go our affairs and moved on to our family lives. if every guy or gal starts committing suicide due to a failed love affair, then there will be a dearth of people on earth.

Suicide for love is simply unacceptable because - how can you leave your parents, siblings, friends n family and pass away to another world just because one guy whom you would have hardly known for 2-3 years doesn't treat you well.  What about all the other wonderful people who look you up with love and care. aren't you being unfair to them? 

You gotta love life more than your love life.

and that guy suraj i think is unnecessarily being harassed.  we hear of so many breakups be it in bollywood akshay-raveena, ranbir-deepika, ranvir-anushka, etc or in the lives of people who are in our city, locality or our mohalla. These are happening everyday. One has to be strong to withstand the pain and look towards more understanding and fulfilling relationships.

The charges of rape are hard to believe coz i doubt if there was ever a reason to rape her as she herself may have willingly given herself being in love.  All the more reason to disbelieve it coz the young lady (may her soul rest in peace) isn't present to state eitherway. and like the police said - the authenticity of the letter is being established. we will know for sure when that is done if ziah really wrote all that.

Still, suicide is not the way to go and holding suraj responsible also may not be a good idea as that might send a wrong message to the young ladies of India.  Parents must be vigilant about their children and adequately  counsel/advise them whenever they find any warning signs, to avoid such unnecessary loss of life.

Hope that we do not get to read anymore such news at least in the near future.

Let us pray that she rests in peace in the other world.


  1. One can be mentally and physically raped even when that person is in a so called 'love' relationship. She has said many a times that Mr. Sooraj was 'out of his mind' when he was drunk. In such situations, a person can hurt you without thinking much: you can even rape your own mother, because you're unconscious.n Don't forget rape is different. Maybe Jiah died not because she lost Sooraj. She should be happy for losing such a 'great guy.' Maybe she was in such a dreadful state, because she lost all her 'character.' All these bauiful Deepikas, anushkas will end up with 'noone' at the end. Indian men will have fun with them, they will never get married to them. Everything is modern in India, except the marriage. They all want to get married to virgins, but Jiah was not.

    1. in a way you are right about the beautiful ones. if we chk out the facts we find that most of the beautiful heroines from across the country ended with some already married guys or remained single or went into depression. That is why i always felt that madhuri made the right choice in giving up her career at her peak to happily settle down in marriage. i think she is the only who could balance a successful career and a happy marriage. others should also learn from her and settle down whilst there are some good oppurtunities. but they are mature adults and i am sure they can decide for themselves.

    2. you can add aishwarya rai also to the list of happily married ones

  2. Rabiya Khan said "Jiah fell for the wrong guy." I think her mother is wrong. "Nifaza" fell for the wrong "country." First it killed "Nifaza" and made her "Jiah" And then silently it killed her inner being. Perhaps it was too late when she understood it was all wrong.


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