Saturday, 1 June 2013

Portable toilets in school

Portable toilets

 'Give me a toilet in school' was what one little girl wished for,  when asked by a visiting dignitary as to what she wants.  As we look around ourselves we find that there is really a dearth of places where girls/women can relieve themselves.  As women are also not comfortable to talk about this, the issue never comes to the fore (except for one article I read which was wriiten by Ms Shobha De - 'the right to pee' in a national daily).  There are many who are sensitive to this issue and who have thought of various means to mitigate this uncalled hardship.  There is however one young lady who decided not to procrastinate and went ahead and desined her own portable toilet. 

The young lady as i read in the News is,  Ms Promita Sen and she designed a portable toilet which can be setup in 5 minutes time and weighs about 16 kgs.  It is understood that these toilets have already been setup in many schools in Assam, West Bengal and Bihar. In addition as they are portable they could be easily be carried atop a vehicle for use in inhospitable areas. Alongwith her innovation the lady also has an enterpreneural streak which made her patent her design and produce it herself. I hope that her sucess with this innovation would propel to innovate further and bring out more ergonomic devices.

it is also reported that the installation of these toilets saw an immediate rise in the girl children attending schools in these areas.

Kudos and way to go Lady!!!


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