Sunday, 15 September 2013

Death for Nirbhaya Rapists

At last the first judgement is Out - All four are convicted to death.  I say 'first' because I am sure there will be a series of appeals by the Defense counsel Mr AP Singh who crossed all limits when he declared
"Why don't people first control their daughters? I'd burn my daughter alive if she was having pre-marital sex,roaming around with her boyfriend at night"
I understand that lawyers have a code of ethics that they will defend their client no matter what his case is.  So in that sense, if the defense counsel  tried to defend him in court, that is reasonable. But taking it on a personal level outside the Court is simply unpalatable and just not acceptable to the rest of us.  (This is where the NCW and the so many other Woman's bodies must step in and make sure such comments are not made!!)
He must not take this conviction to be an attack on his professional abilities!! It is important for him to make this distinction otherwise he will continue to claim that his clients are innocent (while the accused themselves confess to the crime) and keep filing the case in higher courts and then to the President also!! It would only further delay the justice.
Also, what sort of times are we living in, if the rapists in such a high profile crime, which rocked the sense n sensibilities of a billion plus nation are yet to be punished after 8 months!! Now, the defense counsel claims his clients are innocent!! If getting justice in such a high profile case is so difficult which even the honourable court had classified as ' rarest of rare', punishing your local 'road side romeos' for eve teasing or molesting may be an impossible task!!

Further, Imagine the travails of any ordinary woman trying to get her rapists to book. Would she ever be able to get Justice in her life time? No wonder, so many rapes are not reported!!

Justice, in order to be effective, has to be delivered swiftly and surely and more importantly needs to be seen to be so, to prevent recurrence of such incidents!!!

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