Sunday, 20 July 2014

shiridi sai baba - needless controversy

jai shiridi sai baba

i wanted to recommence writing after visiting my favourite lord at his divine abode in shiridi but  as that could not happen in the last few weeks i prayed to baba at my home itself and started again. The needless controversy sorrounding baba due to the comments  of a holy man reignited the spark  to write but what actually brought in the urgency is the brutal rape of a six year old by two teachers in a school in bangalore. More about that later.

Coming to the comments on the favourite lord of many whose popularity is soaring by thousands with every passing day - i think its best if all the religions and faiths kept to themselves without imposing themselves on others and also by not trying to lay a claim on other's gods. I am an abject devotee of shiridi sai baba but i have also prayed to lord shiva (and many other gods including visits to churches n mosques) both with my parents and individually. 

We can love and pray to all our gods and godesses without needing  to mix them up or drawing comparisons. All faiths can have their own space and retain their beliefs and there is really no need for attempts to merge faiths!! May God help us in following our chosen faiths and beliefs in peace and harmony!!

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