Sunday, 15 February 2015

Censor Chief bans 36 cuss words!!

Hats off to the Censor Chief for showing the courage and conviction to take such action.  I did not know who he was before becoming censor chief or what kinda films he made - but this is one decison he took in the right direction.

Many words such as MC,BC,F****, SH**(THIS IS BIG TIME), TERI MAA ki etc are slowly slipping into main stream cinema.  These words were non existent in earlier movies but these days we find even the women characters mouthing such expletives. So, somewhere down the line, the censor board became more flexible probably giving in to the demands of the so called 'creative' people.  

If somebody finds creativity in using cuss words, its time somebody told them that, it is sheer nonsense. As the audience I cringe everytime the lead actors swear as I have small children with me watching the movie.  I dont want them to hear these words!! If they hear these words repeatedly i fear that they may get de-sensitised to their use and may find it normal.  The big actors need to be doubly careful in using such words because the common man would think - if such a big actor uses them, then it must be ok and he also would attempt using such words as a display of his macho-ism.

In addition, the rising crimes against women can also be traced to 'itemisation' of women and violence against women in films. Women are referred as 'maal', 'bomb', 'item' etc. for heavens sake - 'item'? - is she a dish? - and this word is so main streamed now - item girl and item song have become ubiquitous with hindi cinema now.  With all the 'A' list heroines willing to shake their hips and titillate the audience with their skin show albeit very 'creatively', majority of men look at all women in the same way - just as 'items'. The violence against women shown in the movies also alters the mind s of yound inviduals where eve teasing, assault, slapping of heroines and rapes are routinely shown.

Neither the producers nor the actors are able to define the limits of this so called 'creativity'.  They are stretching it in every film.  There was a south indian heroine who famously stated that she wanted to shed even the two piece bikini she wore but the censors wouln't let her!!! and that was 25 years back!!! You can imagine what would be the state today!!! I cant even understand why people are making so much fuss about 'not using cuss words' in movies. Isn't that a move in the right direction?!!! how is any creativity  being nixed in that? and still if someone thinks so - so be it!!! we as audience dont want such creativity!!
Today, just take a moment and think - how many movies can a family watch together without any embarassing moments?!!!!

Therefore, our cinema needs a tough headmaster to ensure that social values are upheld and that there is no further degradation of cinema.  We also need to think - What is the message we want to send to our next generation? How do we want to portray ourselves to them?

There are also the censor chief's detractors who say that he made some really bad movies way back.  But the point is - when he made them he was just the film maker and if the film was bad, it was the then censor board's duty to check it.  If they didnt (which i dont know anything about), then it was their failure.  That should not prevent that same film maker from discharging his present duty (as the censor board chief) in a committed and upright manner in the interest of the youth of our great Nation.

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