Monday, 21 December 2015

Juvenile rapists

Is God the only hope!!!!
So, it seems!!!

In the light of the events today - the only way something can really change is - if all the women take to the streets to demand a change in the juvenile law!!

I can't believe that a Nation of 120 crores collectively believes (atleast the majority) that this person is guilty but there is no law in our constitution to punish him nor we have the drive to change the law!!!!

This effectively means that anyone even a few weeks below 18 years can do whatever he wants - be it rape or murder of the gruellest kind and can just walk away after 3 years at a reform facility!!!! and can u believe it - they are also given financial assistance to restart their life!!!!

when this law was made, juveniles must have been really juveniles and not like the juveniles of today!!!  As all reports point out - there has been a whopping increase in crime by juveniles in the last decade!!!

Time we all work towards the change we want to see.  

I am ready to support the push for a change in juvenile law and a retrial of this particular guy!!

Are you?!!!


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