Friday, 9 November 2012

Mr Obama Congratulations!!

Mr Barack Obama is re-elected!!

This news item did not surprise me one bit, for I have taken it for granted that Mr Obama would prevail in this election.

Mr Obama reduced unemployment (even if marginally), introduced healthcare (obamacare), bailed out a few companies saving them from bankruptcy, did not raise taxes much etc etc.  all of which were pro-common man.  No wonder the corporate houses are unhappy by Mr Obamas victory (Both the S&P 500 and Dow finished yesterday’s trading session at their lowest levels since the beginning of August). In fact if the corporate houses are happy with a President, then he can never be a friend of the common man.  Apart from this, the Women and a diverse coaliation of Asians, Africans and other immigrants had also favoured him to Mr Romney.

Though I wouldn't get into the political rhetoric, Mr Barack Obama's job is quite cutout in as far as the common man is concerned.  Sure even the common people are also concerned with changing world order, terrorism, global warming etc etc but more importantly we need food to eat, a shelter on our heads and a decent living.

Its akin to what the iron lady of India (late) Mrs    Indira Gandhi had said a long time back - Roti (food), Makaan (house) and Kapda (clothes) are what the common man wants!!!   So Mr Obama, all you have to do is - provide more jobs and the health care as you promised for the under privileged.  If you can do that, your fellow countrymen would love you Coz no-one would want anything more than seeing their family in a safe and financially secure environment.        

And for you personally, Mr Obama - while you are on that job, we pray that you would continue to paint a pretty picture with your family.  The sight of you, Michele and your daughters, together, is truly adorable and we wish it to remain that way!!! 

May God be with you in all your endeavours to take your country and humanity forward!!

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