Friday, 16 November 2012

The second coming of Jesus

"Jesus Christ", I exclaimed!!! as soon as I read the ordeal of the Indian dentist who was denied abortion in Ireland quoting catholic rules.

Jesus Christ, as we all know was a man who was so compasionate, kind and caring for his people that he bore the cross for their sins and ultimately gave up his life with a promise of a 'second coming'.

Today, as we read the paper with such disturbing news where a woman had been allowed to decay to death just because religious beliefs of a church founded by Jesus Christ, did not permit an abortion - we need the "second coming" more than ever and fast!!

For, only he can rid his followers of such beliefs and thoughts, For, only he can show some light to his billions of followers to shed those archaic thoughts and evolve with time.  Because, I am sure that Jesus himself would never advocate or ever let such a thing happen.

That is the only hope if, in the 21st century, Doctors themselves advocate that abortion cannot be carried out even in life saving emergencies (though the official rule book says that it can be carried out to save life, its a question of how and when to decide that the issue has become an emergency). Now a life has been lost and I was touched to see the outpouring of emotions against this draconian concept and in support of that poor lady.

This brutality by the hospital authorities or the administration is no lesser than the earlier reported where two parents have killed their child
This is in fact even more brutal as they allowed the lady to suffer for days.  The earlier case involved some rural uneducated people  but in the present case it is a case of  well educated and sophisticated people being involved. Ireland is also a peculiar case where there are plenty of supporters for the anti-abortion lobby. 

Whatever the reasons (for anti abortion) of these protesters maybe, lives surely cannot be sacrificed just because abortion should not be done.

At the same time - I wonder if (late) Dr Savita's life could have been saved if her husband had approached the MEA for assistance or tried to move her to another country!! But these are big 'If's'. The MEA may  or may not have provided assistance or even the lady may have been in a critical position to be moved.

But, a bigger issue arises now!! The Bigger issue is - what happens to the law now? Does this unfortunate incident help in eradicating this draconian concept for the millions of the other ladies in Ireland?

A "second coming" need not only be in the form of another Jesus alone!! Even if the Lord infuses refreshing thoughts that are more in tune in with the needs of the humanity and contribute to their well being, in the minds of all his followers through the Catholic church or otherwise - that would be the real "second coming" - the one that would bring relief and succour to the whole of humanity.

(late) Dr savita

 May her soul rest in peace.

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