Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Delhi gang rape

A Tigress had fallen!! people have given her various names but 'Nirbhaya' seems to be more apt for her.  We were all brought up on sayings like, "When rape is inevitable, spread your legs and enjoy it" (not because it becomes pleasurable but due to the helplessness of the situation).  However, here was one girl who didn't give up fighting both before and during her rape, for which she paid with her life.  But, her's should not be considered a story of despair for women finding themselves in such unfortunate circumstances, they should draw strength from her deeds and step forward confidently.

While the Nation was with the young lady, what was further disturbing was the spate of similar incidents across the country with no respite to this day.  There were stories of even two year olds getting raped right in their houses.  How do you escape such bestiality where even such babies are not spared?

It's even more shameful that most of the reported crimes were in the National capital.  The concerned may take umbrage under the logic that most of the crimes in Delhi were reported  whereas in other areas they weren't.  Even if that be so, the administration of Delhi is still answerable for the crimes that were reported in Delhi, more so because that city is our National capital.  If our women cannot move out alone in the capital of the country, then it is an international shame and this calls for some drastic measures, which may even include dictatorial rule on the likes of martial law for a few years to reign in the errants or even the extreme step of changing the national capital.

As if to add insult to injury, there were a spate of statements from insensitive politicians, Godmen and their like, as to how the women themselves were provoking rape.  Such persons surely have no place in a civilised society and I sincerely hope that they were misquoted by the press (as most of them claimed).  There was also a filmi person who claimed to have never depicted a woman as a sex object despite his films doing just the same.  I think he was misquoted too!!!  And this same person complained some time back that the censor board was interfering too much in cutting the sex scenes from films!!!

There was another needless controversy about naming the girl.  Well I cannot comment on the legal view point about the Govt not naming her (as it is against IPC), I wonder what really stops the family from disclosing the girl's name (i.e if they wish to).

Then there was this news of two of the accused trying to turn approvers!! But - approvers for what?  The whole nation is aware of the crime and the perpetrators - so who needs approvers?  This is a cheap stunt by the accused to avoid punishment or try to reduce their punishment.  I wonder who gave them the idea and I wish that person to rot in hell for giving that idea.  Anyway, I am sure,  the learned judge in the fast track court too would see through their game.

That so called "juvenile" needs to be fixed too.  A youngster cannot be treated as a juvenile when he commits crimes which are not to be done by a youngster.  Surely raping a woman and beating her mercilessly with a iron rod is not expected to be done by a youngster less than 18 years old.  And if he does - he is no longer a juvenile and needs to be treated as an adult and punished accordingly.

Whatever maybe her name - as i said earlier - "A Tigress had fallen".  I cannot but salute the bravery of the young lady who did not give up her fight to stop her attackers despite being severely injured.  I am sure her name too would be revealed in due course of time.  Till then "Nirbhaya" would do..... and we should not rest till she gets justice and such crimes do not ever take place again.

And for all the guys out there, next time you see someone misbehaving with a woman, dont look the other way but  please protect her the same way you would protect your own family member.  That would be the ultimate tribute to " Nirbhaya" more than the street protests and the bandhs!!

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