Friday, 10 January 2014

Mr Preet Bharara - Enemy of both States?

Mr Preet Bharara may be a great and righteous lawyer fighting for the rights of the under priveleged.

But, history may blame him as the biggest saboteur of a budding Indo-US relationship.

I wonder if Mr Preet Bharara had seen the hollywood movie 'Taken'. The movie tells us that 1000's of US women are missing every year.  We can even see that at www.

If that be the case, why did he pick on a hapless diplomat who reported the matter (of the missing nanny) several times to US authorities (which was even acknowledged by them).  If he was really concerned about such issues, there are enough cases in the US itself which genuinely need the assistance of his high office. Of course, there would be no publicity for taking up those cases!!!  One may even get knocked off,  if the opponents involve organised crime syndicates!!

So is it easier to get on a moral high horse and brandish your sword at soft targets and become famous too?!!

                                                              (ordinary women protesting)
But India has also come of age. It is not just the elite who are protesting in the power corridors against this whimsical act but ordinary men and women have come out on the streets, which makes it extremely difficult for any Govt of the day to ignore it  and therefore this hard stand is likely to continue (and rightly so).

(These are young people and it will not be easy wiping these memories from them)

Picking up the pieces from hereon is not going to be an easy task especially when the trust levels are low. A long process, whenever it starts, but in the meantime there will be several mutual opportunities lost and several jobs missed. All because of one nanny (accused or conspirator?) and one man who thought (alleged) justice for her is more important than Indo-Us relations and thousands of jobs for people!!

Whatever may happen, but History will not be kind to Mr Preet Bharara on this issue.

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