Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Prashant Bhushan and AAP

AAP had scored a fantastic victory in Delhi which everyone had already acknowledged.  I followed Mr Kejriwal from the time of Anna Hajare's fast when he was on all the TV channels.I was pleasantly shocked to hear his audacious demands for calling of Anna Hazare's fast. For some time i even wondered if this man was sane.  Because, in times of  rampant corruption, here was a guy proposing school boy ideals and even more amazing was his expectation of all political parties to heed to them. A bit of Naivette, I thought. There was also a guy who fervently used to wave the National Flag in the back ground. I was always amazed by his dedication and his 100% belief in the cause even when things weren't exactly in their favour.  The (then) audacious thoughts of Mr Kejriwal and dedication & self belief of the flag waver (whom i learnt later as Mr Kumar Vishwas) never ceased to amaze me since then and it is quite befitting that they got a winning mandate from the people.  Many of the voters may not have voted for AAP thinking they dont have a chance but considering the present results, I think if there is a re-election, AAP may have a land slide win. But, I am sure all the political pundits are already aware of it. My point in writing this post is not about the virtues of AAP but is rather about some disturbing utterances from the party.

Another stalwart of the movement, Mr Prashant Bhushan was very articulate & elaborate in explaining the ideals of the Anna Hazare movement on all TV channels and had been a pillar of strength both to the Anna Hazare movement and to Mr Kejriwal. He is a respected lawyer and I am sure he has a big role to play in the future activities of AAP.  But, he and AAP need to acknowledge & respect that certain issues are taboo in our country - the key one being the 'K' word and with all due regards to AAP - I think AAP carried out only dedicated research on eradicating corruption in this country and may not have done enough research on other issues especially about 'K'.

As a fan of their thoughts n deeds, my sincere advice to AAP would be - Focus on your core strength (which is anti-corruption) for which the people have voted for you and deliver on your promises.  We believe every word you say in this area, buy if you venture into other tricky areas without much research, then we become confused as to what is your stand on those issues and whether such a stand is in the interest of our country (especially when it happens second time around).  Such confusion among the common man would become ammunition for everyone to target you.

We all want you to succeed because you have brought about a refreshing change (bringing power to the aam aadmi) which other political parties are also trying to emulate. If that happens ultimately, you would have done your job for this country (irrespective of whether you win or not), but don't lose focus enroute.

Wish you all the very best!!

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