Sunday, 30 November 2014

Family Balancing - What is it?

family balancing - the pro's and the con's

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this post impassionately examines the pros and cons of
family balancing without touching on any ethical issues which would be followed in the subsequent posts. firstly - the cons - a plethora of social activists, feminists and the governmental organisations would say that this would lead to a gender imbalance and a skewed sex ration.  there would be further discrimination against the girl child, with the girl child not being chosen by anyone given the current social fabric in the country.  those largely being the major cons - lets take a look at the pros.  well the biggest argument in favour of this family balancing is the joy it brings to the affected families. it would also reduce the discrimination against the girl child and actually improve the female:male sex ratio. ofcourse as with all good offers there is a rider that - 'conditions apply'. more about them in a short while.

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