Sunday, 30 November 2014

Papa - An honour to make tea for you

A very dear friend mine who started a blog about family balancing gave it up due to lack of time and i decided to transfer his few posts to this blog as we too have a label 'family balancing'!!

An honour to make tea for you

"Papa I consider it an honour to make tea for you everyday" said
my daughter and she is only ten years old.  She made a tasty cup of tea for me yesterday just the way I liked and I jokingly asked her if she would make tea for me everyday morning. Her reply as above left me astounded!!!! To further stretch the issue i asked her how she would manage to make tea for me as she rushes to school everyday in the morning.  "Papa I will get up early to make tea for U" said she.  I was choked for words to say anything but felt blessed to have a daughter!!

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