Sunday, 9 July 2017

Media - peddling unimportant news?

media -peddling unimportant news

 As I read the story of wing commander MS Dhillon 

- it suddenly struck me that this young man passed away in the line of duty while I was sipping my drink in my living room and watching one of the discussions on 'Wani' or 'separatists' or 'hardik patel' or some other similar issue.  For the next couple of days also there was no story of heroism of this young man who could have stayed back after rescuing 169 people which is a commendable feat by itself. He still went on another mission in the bad weather as more stranded people were there to be picked up.  He put the service to others ahead of his self and was martyred in the process.

There are several such stories of courage, helpfulness and sincerity in our country of 1.2 billion. Why aren't the media houses picking up such positive news?  Everyday we are bombarded with news of murder, rape, kidnap, molestation etc. Not that they are by any means small offences - but there is no positive news about our people or country!!

Maybe time to have a channel reporting only the good things in our country!! Even the Govt can have it - or even turn DD into "Good News' channel!!

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