Saturday, 8 July 2017

Mumbai Airport parking fees

Mumbai Airport parking fees
Mumbai airport is a great piece of art. one of my well travelled friend was truly amazed at the grandeur of the airport from the departure terminal. The designers and the GVK group deserve applause for this. While the departure terminal is truly world class and can better many International airports, the arrival end is not very user friendly and falls short of the high expectations set from the departure end. Mumbai is probably one of the few airports in india where the pickup is far away from the arrival gate and a new person arriving at mumbai would be thoroughly confused!!!

Especially, the parking fee woes bewilder me. All domestic passengers (till recently) and  international passengers are paying a user development fee.  Should that not include provision of parking also? atleast free pickup?. It is amazing that even a pickup by private car is chargeable.  This is even more so amazing as the same is free in the domestic terminal (santacruz) for 5 min duration.  5-10 min is free at  many of the domestic airports not managed by corporates.  

Even the passengers walking down the road to avoid paying the parking fee (out of sheer principle) were charged for using the elevated access road i.e somehow they were being charged the parking fee.  Thanks to Shiv Sena Member of Legislative Council Anil Parab who protested against this practice and it was stopped temporarily.

And the taxi strike today again on parking woes - hope better sense prevails and all concerned resolve these issues in the best interests of air travellers.  Ultimately Mumbai has one of the best airports in the world - why mar the reputation for petty parking issues


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