Monday, 27 August 2012

Censorship of film on TV

Star movies and maybe HBO later on (or vice versa) were the first to introduce the rating system for movies they show on their channels (unfortunately it no longer exists)
13 - meant it was suitable for people above 13
PG - meant that they are suitable for children but under parental guidance
18 - for 18 and above and so on...
one would say that this is roughly equivalent of our censor system and that there is nothing new in it. well there is something new in this - the age label /indicator stayed on the screen throughout the duration of the movie at the right hand top corner, so that at any point in time you knew which group the movie is suitable for!!!
this helped in two ways:-
1. for the not so bright ones like me who are not in sync with all the modern day movies to know whether they are 'U' or 'A' rated (especially after missing the censor certificate so religiously shown at the beginning in some indian channels), to choose whether to watch a particular movie or not 
2. To clearly inform children which movies are undesirable for them to watch and avoid corrupting their minds at a young age.  Many a time, children may inadvertently watch an adult movie in ignorance and by 'adult' I dont mean just 'sex'. it could be crime, violence, poor depiction of human relations or anything that corrupts or contrives their young minds, all of which contribute to their 'loss of innocence'.

for unknown reasons they stopped the rating system. propbably the 13 rated movies werent getting enough commercials!!

anyway I was quite surprised to see in the newspapers a few days back that a court had set aside censor board directives for telecasting adult films only at late nights. one mr bhatt whom i earlier admired for his strong n gutsy words  was reportedly overjoyed at the court's verdict.  Well who wouldnt be coz the sale of satellite rights of these sleazy movies would certainly multiply if permitted in prime time!!!  

I have a few questions for all the proponents against the censor board:-
1. To see an 'A ' rated movie in a theatre - a child has to go the movie, buy a ticket and pass the scrutiny of the ticket checking staff (who are supposed to ascertain his age) to watch the movie. how do u put safe guards while at home (especially when the parents are working?)

2. Secondly, if u genuinely dont know that a movie is 'A' rated and sit down to watch a movie with your family in prime time - how do you handle the situation? at what point do you decide that enough is enough and switch/change the channel? how do you handle the situation between the beginning of a 'sex/violence/crime' scene to the point of switching off/changing the channel?

3. why not have permanent label/indicator at an un-obtrusive location on screen saying 'U', 'A' or 'UA' so that no one inadvertently watches Adult movies?

4. Lastly for the likes of the director whom i admired earlier for both his movies and strong words - why are you getting into my house - let me be - if i want to watch an adult film - i will pay for it and watch in the theatre - or get a dvd and watch - YOU PEOPLE NEED NOT SHOW US ADULT MOVIES FOR FREE ON TV - PLEASE DONT DO US THIS FAVOUR!!! DONT TRY TO FORCIBLY GET UR SLEAZE INTO OUR LIVING ROOMS FOR THE MILLIONS THAT U MAKE OUT OF SATELLITE RIGHTS!!!!

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