Friday, 24 August 2012

Television and cable - I am not anti, but.... - part III.....the case of the missing back ... Bollywood adds to the chaos

disclaimer: This is not a sexist post but mere reflections on actual happenings.

WE were discussing different kinds of vodka based cocktails.  Anand a dear friend of mine was animatedly listing the virtues of a bloody mary while Raj, an acquaintance was more inclined towards a screw driver.  Those were our happy go lucky days with not a care in the world - about two decades back. Suddenly Anand let out an audible gasp!!! 'Look at that' he exclaimed and we all promptly turned to see a gorgeous sari clad lady in an exquisitely cut sleeveless blouse which revealed a reasonable portion of her back.  That lady being the only one dressed so, was the cynosure of all eyes in the evening but many of the other ladies quite openly hissed at her boldness.  The image of that lady remained etched in our memory long after the party was over.  The decades rolled by and Anand invited me to another cocktail party last month, having returned permanently from the US as a successful businessman.  We were recollecting the good times we had, while in the walked the most beautiful sari clad woman I have seen in a long time wearing the tiniest of  backless blouses with a vivid display of her beautiful back. Though the display was too bold for me, being a Man, I couldnt help marvel the sight. Before I could recover from that sight, there was another dazzling damsel in a similar attire and another one and so on... I looked around and found myself sharing space with many women who seemed to compete for a prize for the 'shortest back'!!! I compared this with the incident in our cocktail party decades back. 'Arrey!! yeh toh kuch bhi nahin (This is nothing), havent you seen our bollywood heroines?' ..Anand said and splashed the pictures from a latest film magazine. I couldnt help agreeing with him, what with all of them in barely there blouses!!! 
With the top heroines eager to display their backs I wondered what effect it would have on the normal women across the street!!

Sure enough I could notice a certain boldness in a large number of women on the streets too with the backs becoming that wee bit shorter and thinner (Needless to say there were many who were as covered as before).  The women were not the least bit conscious about it, as after all, their favourite heroines are also glammed up in the same way except that they are paid a small bomb for doing it. The influence of bollywood and the local language films could not be lost on the masses. Moreover such dress sense counts them as 'in style' and not outdated.

Hey!! we are not moralising here on what should be or what should be not or what is the correct length of the back of a blouse!!! This post is to bring out the fact that TV/Movies affect our mindset be it the men or the women.  This is an important aspect for all Teleserial/Movie makers to realise.  You have the power to change people's minds and perspectives!! 

Therefore, they need to be  limit the dosage of violence, sex and skewing of interpersonal relations in the movies/Teleserials as repeated exposure to such ideas would neccessarily have an affect on juvenile minds.   I am afraid such repeated exposure may numb the senses and adversely affect the sensitivity of children. This may lead to an increase in juvenile crimes. I dont have the data right now but i will obtain it and post it here as a proof of increase in juvenile crimes.

So My dear Film/serial makers !!! you have great power in your hands!! please use it to build a better society and make your contribution to mankind.  This is your oppurtunity!! Go grab it with both hands!!

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