Thursday, 23 August 2012

Television and cable - I am not anti, but.... - part II- 'The lOSS OF INNOCENCE'

A few days back while channel surfing I saw a popular dance show on a local television channel.  A lovely girl was showing her dance moves to the judges and the audience.  Going by the whistles and cat calls her performance generated, one could see that the audience was being well entertained.  I too leaned back in my couch setting aside the remote to further watch her performance.  The Girl dressed in a backless choli with substantial midriff showing had chosen risque bollywood numbers which required her to be provocative with a whole lot of pelvic thrusts and jhatkas. The pelvic thrusts of the girl enticed immediate response from the crowds who were largely male and they began to match their pelvic thrusts with her.  There was a loud amount of cheering and whistling which kept the thrusts and jhatkas going on for nearly a minute.  Depending on your personal views, it could have been seen as a vulgar display or a group of people having some good fun.  The bigger point is that girl could hardly have been 10 years old and she performed this dance right in front of her parents who appeared to be thoroughly pleased with the response their daughter elicited from the audience.  Surely no one ,let alone  own parents should agree to a little girl dancing to the tunes of 'choli key peeche kya hain' or 'sheela ki jawani' but far from disagreeing they actually seem to have been thrilled with her. Does dancing to such songs and enduring such lewd behaviour from the audience affect the psyche of this child?  Now as far as human relations are concerned - how does this girl think? as and adult? or as a child? Can I give her an affectionate hug as a child without her doubting my intentions? These are all some questions for which I dont know the answers for sure. I also dont know as to what the guys matching pelvic thrusts with her might have been thinking at that moment!!!I hope it was harmless fun!!!!

(... to be continued) 

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