Tuesday, 21 April 2015

aiims doctor Mrs Priya vedi suicide

I was aghast to read that a 30 year old resident doctor Mrs Priya Vedi had allegedly committed suicide by slitting her wrists on 18 april 2015.  The reasons listed by her were:-
1.her marriage of 5 years was not consummated
2.her husband was gay
3.she was harassed for dowry by her in-laws

I presume she did everything possible to avoid that fateful decison because nobody will part with their life at the first go itself.  My heartfelt condolences were with her for the strange situation she found herself in and i ardently pray that her soul rests in peace.

I don't agree with her decison though. C'mon, she was an educated woman, that too a senior resident doctor in aiims - does she really have to end it that way.  What sort of an example does she set for the less fortunate ones - those who are not educated enough to get a small job even.  how do they survive domestic violence and dowry harassments? do they all committ suicide??  Whatever the complications, an educated independent lady could have obtained divorce (however painful it might have been) and started her second life.  anything would have been better than taking her life.  This was just not OK Lady and you may have set a bad example for few others. 

Her suicide is actually indicative of the mindset of women in India and I cannot but feel perturbed about it. It may not even be their fault entirely.  It may be getting ingrained in their minds due to the way we bring up the girl children in our country which includes staunch fear of rejection of a divorcee from the maternal household.  The maternal household may be unwilling to support the divorcee due to various reasons - financial and social.  Unless we address such deep rooted issues women may continue to dangerously flirt with thoughts such as these. But, whatever may be the   compelling causes for suicide, let us join hands in shunning such practices by women.  suicide is not the answer.  life is too valuable to throw it away over domestic violence.  we need to give more confidence to our girl children that they indeed are loved and would be supported despite a divorce!!!

having said that - may this young lady's soul rest in peace and hope we don't get to hear any similar news even in the distant future.

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