Thursday, 30 April 2015

Girl, 14, Dies After Being Thrown Off Bus

Girl, 14, Dies After Being Thrown Off Bus for Resisting being molested in Punjab, 2 Arrested - A ghastly news  to read early in the morning. 

How many times do we have to read such headlines before punitive and deterrent action is taken against the individuals!!

This is of special significance because - with this incident girls may fear resisting molestation in moving buses/trains for fear of being thrown off.  Therefore it is extremely important and sensitive for the govt to make sure that the molesters are charged for 'murder' only and nothing else so that it sets a strong example and a stinging message to all such people.

Further to charging them with murder, the case must be followed on with alacrity to ensure that the case is concluded in the shortest possible time and secure a verdict of at-least life imprisonment of the accused.

No amount of sloganeering or appealing to people with such criminal & sick mindsets is going to help.  The only language they would understand is that of the 'danda' or the 'stick'. let us not kid ourselves otherwise anymore. if that is what they understand the govt must give them that.

Only then, fear will be instilled in people's mind about the results of  indulging in such atrocious activities.

I wonder how many more Nirbhayas we need to have in this country to have revolutionary changes!!!

I really feel dejected!! where is my country going? who is going to put an end to all this?

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