Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Khap panchayats and the girl child

If we can save the Cow , why can't we save the girl child?! - a Khap panchayat asked!!!

We all have to agree that they have got this one dead right.  They have decided to fight female infanticide both by education of villagers and with the threat of outcast of the people who indulge in such acts.

Now, they must press on with their agenda without bowing to any political/class/caste pressure and I am sure their acts will bear fruit in the years to come.

While their efforts in this direction need to be appreciated, the larger issue which khaps need to address is - why does female infanticide happen in the first place?  we dont hear of  male infanticide!!! 

I am also rather certain that parents do not want to dump a baby just like that.  It's got to do with social and economic considerations which have been amply brought out in my earlier post

If Khaps could address the issues mentioned in the above post, they would etch their existence in glory.  

I hope they do!!

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