Thursday, 4 February 2016

10 army soldiers killed in siachen avalanche

01 JCO and nine soldiers were reportedly killed in an avalanche in siachen.

HATS off to their courage in patrolling our borders despite the lurking danger of avalanches and snow trenches.

But the important point is - their tragic story is in the middle pages of National newspapers and what makes front page head lines in big n bold is this -

"Ex-Major Generals Son held in Goa for suspicious movement"

The story of the 10 soldiers should have been the front page news

This is rather strange news especially when the Goa DGP himself had said that nothing concrete had been found against the boy to link him with any terror organisation!!!

Then why this front page news?--just because his father is a retired Maj Gen?!!!

We must stop slandering the Armed Forces like this.  They are going through so many troubles in guarding our borders and keeping the Nation safe. Throwing muck at the Armed forces even without any concrete proof would severely demoralise the armed forces serving both at the border and peace areas and hope that Govt steps in to ensure that such articles do not appear in print media or even initiate legal action in cases of false reporting.

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