Friday, 5 February 2016

Juvenile kills again

A juvenile apparently killed a elderly woman on monday in south delhi.

The killer was the same guy who was released (for good behaviour) just two months  after he killed a child in september last year - yes you read it right - just two months after he killed a child.

He was found guilty of having kidnapped a child and murdering him in september last year when the child's parents could not pay the ransom.  Despite  kidnapping and the gruesome act of killing a child he was remanded to a juvenile home as he was below 18 years.  

It is really quite inexplicable as to what good behaviour he would have shown the authorities in two months which made them overlook his act of kidnapping & murder and release him.  Atleast a thought could have been spared for the killed child and his parents!!!

Now the child might have found the easy way out - kill and rob - and even if gets caught he would be tried as a juvenile!!!

At this rate - even professional goons may hire children!!!

The authorities who apparently left him for good behaviour need to answer and such acts of largesse (if true) need to be made accountable so that they are not repeated.

We must call for further  changes in the juvenile law to keep it in tune with the current state of the society.
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