Wednesday, 17 February 2016

JNU protests

There is so much of politicking over the JNU protests!!! 

it is shocking and worrying to see young women and men take part in these protests in such large numbers. what is even more shocking is their belief in their cause (which is anti-india).

Such strong thoughts or visions could not have developed overnight and JNU must be harbouring these ideas over a long period of time.  The University must have been allowed to just simmer away quietly for years but now it has come to a boil.

There are people justifying it as "dissent" against government. Well you can dissent against the government but not against the country. That is basic common sense.

As the character Eddie Valentine (Paul Sorvino) in the 1991 movie "Rocketeer" says "I may not make an honest buck but I am 100% American"

There is a lot for our political parties to learn from this one line.   It may be too much of us to expect all of you to be honest but definitely we expect you to be 100% Indian!!

the simple botom line is - there is no place for anti-india protests in india. 

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