Thursday, 15 August 2013

66 th or 67th Independence day

Happy Independence day to everyone. As I watched on TV today, there was one TV anchor who said it was our 66th Independence day whereas another one said it is 67th. That left me confused and so i decided to sit down and do the math.  In case anyone else is confused too, you may read on to clear the air!!!!

Since we got Independence on 15 August 1947, the first birthday must have been in 1948. So,

1948 - 1
1949 - 2
1950 - 3

2000 - 53
2010 - 63

2011 - 64
2012 - 65
2013 - 66

So, by my calculation we have completed 66 years of Independence and entered 67th year today on 15 August 2013.  

p.s : If we have candles, we must blow 66 candles on our birthday cake i.e to signify the completion of 66 years!!!

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