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Activist moves NCW over Bhati's comments against Durga Shakti

Activist moves NCW over Bhati's comments against Durga Shakti
It was reported that Ms Nutan Thakur, an activist had lodged a complaint against Mr Bhati in the the case of Ms, Durga Shakti, the suspended IAS officer.  In her complaint, she reportedly raised objections over the alleged usage of words like "aurat" and "behudgi" against the IAS officer, as was seen by all on national TV.
My point is not about what Mr Bhati said or Ms Durga or even Ms Nutan, the complainant.  My point is about the comments of the Chair person of NCW that she has not yet received the complaint and once it is received, she will enquire into the matter and take appropriate action.

My question then is, hasn't the learned chairperson not seen the footage which was repeatedly broadcast on all channels? Can't she have decided on her own whether it is offensive or not? And if it is, does she have powers to take 'suo moto' action? And if she doesn't have powers to take 'suo moto' action, should she press for that power?

Its time for the women's organisations to be more assertive and have more teeth. Women in places of authority need to rally together for the betterment of the less fortunate ones. Otherwise it will be all bark and no bite and things will remain in the present dismal state.
after writing the above article, i did a search on NCW chairperson and came across the message of Ms Mamta Sharma on the home page of NCW.  The message is quite impressive and i hope all the concerned personnel of NCW are also 'walking the talk'.

Smt. Mamta Sharma, Chairperson, NCW

After having taken over as Chairperson on 2nd August, 2011, I feel that my focus should be to concentrate not only on womens empowerment but also on their growth and development. I believe that empowerment will also bring down atrocities against women as they will have the strength and knowledge to stand up for their rights. Another main focus will be to bring about attitudinal changes about discriminatory practices. At NCW, we encourage online registration of complaints and maintain an open and transparent office where victims can come and talk about their grievances. NCW works tirelessly towards these issues.

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