Sunday, 18 August 2013

NDTV's Ms Nidhi Razdan's interview of British MP Barry Gardiner

NDTV's Ms Nidhi Razdan's interview of British MP Barry Gardiner
Saw a video of NDTV'S Ms Nidhi Razdan's interview of British MP Barry Gardiner on Shri Narendra Modi. You can watch it here at 

The anchor was very sharp witted and focussed in her interview but she dominated most of the interview with us hearing mostly her view point only while in an interview with Mr Barry Gardner on National Telly.  So much so that Mr Gardner told her off - 'If you keep talking over me than listening to me, then it is not an interview'.
Shri Narendra Modi

Whatever may be Ms Rajdan's views on NaMo or human rights violations, my request to her (if her allegations are true)  is not to wash our 'linen in public'.  We don't need a foreigner's endorsement (or the lack of it) of our internal problems!!  We have our Supreme court of India to look into it. If the Supreme court of India convicts NaMo, then no leader in the World can save him and if it doesn't, then we must at least cease discussions outside of the country.  The internal debates can continue as they are integral to democracy.  But questioning the Supreme court itself become contempt of court.
Mr Barry Gardner

Lastly, we saw the interview expecting a debate/engaging conversation but all that we got was her view point (We don't point fingers at her though, as she has a job to keep). There wasn't much we heard of Mr Gardner which we we would have loved to, to get an outsider's perspective of the whole issue - especially as that, is  the reason we tuned into the interview in the first place!!!  

In such interviews next time, maybe NDTV can let us hear the other side more!!!!

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