Thursday, 15 August 2013

The President's speech

The President's speech
The President's speech

Having heard the President's speech, I wondered if he is the Messiah we are all looking for!!! I mean he touched upon everything we care about and held out an absolutely practical vision for the citizens of this country.  I am amazed by his frankness and no-nonsense approach.
key points
1.  Gandhiji's vision cannot be turned into reality if we spurn the very values that were compulsory to his cause: sincerity of effort, honesty of purpose and sacrifice for the larger good. 
2.  The ideals of patriotism, compassion, tolerance, self-restraint, honesty, discipline and respect for women have to be converted into a living force. 
3.  We need leadership that is committed to the nation and those values that made us a great civilization. 
4. We need a state that inspires confidence among people in its ability to surmount challenges before us. 
5. We need a media and citizens who, even as they claim their rights, are equally committed to their responsibilities. 
6.  We cannot aspire to be a world class power without a single world class university.
7.  I applaud the courage and heroism of our security and armed forces who maintain eternal vigilance and pay homage to those who have made the supreme sacrifice of the most precious gift of life in the service of the motherland. 
8.  Let me conclude by quoting from the great classic Bhagvad Gita where the Teacher propounds his views and then says, and I quote, "├┐atha icchasi tatha kuru" "even as you choose, so you do. I do not wish to impose my views on you. I have presented to you what I think is right. Now it is for your conscience, for your judgment, for your mind to decide what is right." 
Dear President, you have spoken well and I think every word that you said is worth its weight in Gold.  Like you said, it is now for the country men to choose but I hope that they choose the path that you indicated!!!

(ibtimes has provided the full text of the speech on their web page.  I strongly urge everyone to visit their web page and read the address!! )
you can read the full text of the speech here

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