Thursday, 30 April 2015

Girl, 14, Dies After Being Thrown Off Bus

Girl, 14, Dies After Being Thrown Off Bus for Resisting being molested in Punjab, 2 Arrested - A ghastly news  to read early in the morning. 

How many times do we have to read such headlines before punitive and deterrent action is taken against the individuals!!

This is of special significance because - with this incident girls may fear resisting molestation in moving buses/trains for fear of being thrown off.  Therefore it is extremely important and sensitive for the govt to make sure that the molesters are charged for 'murder' only and nothing else so that it sets a strong example and a stinging message to all such people.

Further to charging them with murder, the case must be followed on with alacrity to ensure that the case is concluded in the shortest possible time and secure a verdict of at-least life imprisonment of the accused.

No amount of sloganeering or appealing to people with such criminal & sick mindsets is going to help.  The only language they would understand is that of the 'danda' or the 'stick'. let us not kid ourselves otherwise anymore. if that is what they understand the govt must give them that.

Only then, fear will be instilled in people's mind about the results of  indulging in such atrocious activities.

I wonder how many more Nirbhayas we need to have in this country to have revolutionary changes!!!

I really feel dejected!! where is my country going? who is going to put an end to all this?

Monday, 27 April 2015

radhika apte and kyra dutt - full frontal nudity

Ms Kyra Dutt apparently signed the full frontal nudity clause for an Ekta Kapoor film.   The news made enough headlines and the same was the case with the apparently leaked video of Ms Radhika Apte.

Both the Ladies are free women and are at liberty to do whatever they please.  So, it is again upto the censor board to decide what will pass muster and what doesn't.   Why any Producer would need to have a full frontal nudity clause when the censor board does not permit it, is difficult to fathom.  These people would now film explicit scenes just short of full nudity and then try to put pressure on censor board.  I hope the censor board pre-empts such moves.  Anyway this post is about the hue and cry being raised about the second lady's video.

The director says that it was artistically and sensitively shot as part of a larger film sequence and that particular shot must not be seen in isolation.  I haven't seen the video (it has not come to me on whts app - i have a decently active network - i asked a few others who are fairly active - they haven't seen it either - some even asked who is radhika apte?!!!! - that is something i wonder myself - coz honestly i have not heard of her myself?!!! - so could this be another publicity stunt by somebody?? - I don't know so I would not comment!!!)

But honestly speaking, if you have made a 20 minute film then the audience has the right to see the film in entirety or watch the film in bits of even a few seconds.  You can't dictate what to watch and what not to!! You can't really say that you can watch the frontal nudity scene only if you watch the full 20 minutes.   It is not even a case of cheating/misrepresentation bcoz when the movie was shot - the lady agreed for frontal nudity and once the shot was canned - paying audience is free to watch it whenever and as many times as they want (if they wish to , at all) and whichever parts they want.  One really can't be aggrieved about it.

The only real issue is that - it is not a legal release.  That is something that the able people at the cyber crime department would surely take care.  So, the case primarily is of film piracy and not much about frontal nudity.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Chinese scientists genetically modify human embryos

This sounds straight out of a science fiction film.  This reportedly had been carried out by Chinese scientists.  Though the results were not outright successful, a beginning has been made.

Needless to say, something as controversial as this is bound to have its pro's and con's,

The single most important argument in its favour is that it eliminates diseases and would lead to birth of healthy babies.  This is quite a compelling factor to push for such studies.  Parents would no longer need to worry about the well being of their new born and their several associated complications.

On the negative front - it tantamounts to meddling with nature and would go against the natural way of life.  But ask any parent of a differently abled child and I am sure he would rather take this chance than let his child endure the agony for a life time.  So, this argument does not hold good and further research is the definite way forward.

The only real cons are two:-

1. How do we stop parents then from going for designer kids?  I would definitely want my children to look like Hollywood film stars - so what stops me from altering/replacing their genes? what are the socio-ethical considerations in that?  There is nothing wrong in that too!!! Just like a parent of differently abled child wants a normal one - a parent of normal child may want a child with movie star looks!!! Nothing wrong but what effect it will have on the society cannot  really be estimated now!!

2. The second and the more serious one is - what effect this genetic alteration/replacement will have on the future generations of the same child.  Will they lead to some abnormal mutations and lead to some strange babies being borne?  We already hear stories of a few abnormal babies who are largely attributed to genetic mutations as a result of pollution, but the genetic mutations as a result this gene therapy may produce such babies on a large scale.  However, it is only a 'may' and it will take decades after the treatment is perfected to know the results!!

In the short term atleast, this treatment is likely to bring joy to many parents.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Juvenile Justice??

It is justice at last for victims in cases such as that of  'Nirbhaya', where the perpetrators of the crime have gotten off very lightly because of their age being less than 18 years.  The Nirbhaya case especially sparked of a spirited debate to reduce the age to be tried as an adult.

The standard appeal was - if a boy is old enough to molest, rape or kill - he is also old enough to be tried for those crimes, for, there is nothing 'juvenile' about a rape or a murder.  The idea of a juvenile home was to ensure that the child's mind does not get scarred by jail life but in the cases of these rapists and murderers, their minds are already so scarred that there is no harm in sending them to a jail.

The honourable courts may be requested to further harden their stand and define which crimes will be always be tried 'as if committed by an adult' irrespective of age.  Bcoz a 'rape' or a 'murder' will always be a rape or a murder for the victim irrespective of the attacker's age - so, why should the punishment be any lesser? - in any case there is no 'loss of innocence' of a child by sending him to prison as his mind is already corrupt.

So, it is time for us to think of waiving off this age requirement altogether for heinous crimes which may be defined by the courts. and more importantly, it is also time to now get that juvenile who badly bruised 'Nirbhaya', into the ambit of this new law and not let him get away.  That would be one legal battle which we all must stand by and I am sure that would bring joy to 'Nirbhaya' in the heavens above!! 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Khap panchayats and the girl child

If we can save the Cow , why can't we save the girl child?! - a Khap panchayat asked!!!

We all have to agree that they have got this one dead right.  They have decided to fight female infanticide both by education of villagers and with the threat of outcast of the people who indulge in such acts.

Now, they must press on with their agenda without bowing to any political/class/caste pressure and I am sure their acts will bear fruit in the years to come.

While their efforts in this direction need to be appreciated, the larger issue which khaps need to address is - why does female infanticide happen in the first place?  we dont hear of  male infanticide!!! 

I am also rather certain that parents do not want to dump a baby just like that.  It's got to do with social and economic considerations which have been amply brought out in my earlier post

If Khaps could address the issues mentioned in the above post, they would etch their existence in glory.  

I hope they do!!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

aiims doctor Mrs Priya vedi suicide

I was aghast to read that a 30 year old resident doctor Mrs Priya Vedi had allegedly committed suicide by slitting her wrists on 18 april 2015.  The reasons listed by her were:-
1.her marriage of 5 years was not consummated
2.her husband was gay
3.she was harassed for dowry by her in-laws

I presume she did everything possible to avoid that fateful decison because nobody will part with their life at the first go itself.  My heartfelt condolences were with her for the strange situation she found herself in and i ardently pray that her soul rests in peace.

I don't agree with her decison though. C'mon, she was an educated woman, that too a senior resident doctor in aiims - does she really have to end it that way.  What sort of an example does she set for the less fortunate ones - those who are not educated enough to get a small job even.  how do they survive domestic violence and dowry harassments? do they all committ suicide??  Whatever the complications, an educated independent lady could have obtained divorce (however painful it might have been) and started her second life.  anything would have been better than taking her life.  This was just not OK Lady and you may have set a bad example for few others. 

Her suicide is actually indicative of the mindset of women in India and I cannot but feel perturbed about it. It may not even be their fault entirely.  It may be getting ingrained in their minds due to the way we bring up the girl children in our country which includes staunch fear of rejection of a divorcee from the maternal household.  The maternal household may be unwilling to support the divorcee due to various reasons - financial and social.  Unless we address such deep rooted issues women may continue to dangerously flirt with thoughts such as these. But, whatever may be the   compelling causes for suicide, let us join hands in shunning such practices by women.  suicide is not the answer.  life is too valuable to throw it away over domestic violence.  we need to give more confidence to our girl children that they indeed are loved and would be supported despite a divorce!!!

having said that - may this young lady's soul rest in peace and hope we don't get to hear any similar news even in the distant future.

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