Monday, 20 November 2017

Nirbhaya juvenile rapist

Lest you forget...

The juvenile rapist of Nirbhaya who was supposed to be the most brutal of all is still at large!!!

keep an eye out for the likes of him..

will ya!


It may be a little late to write about the movie Dangal but i was so impressed watching it a few days back that i decided to write about it.

much has been written about the movie so i wont delve further on that.

the real mr phogat and daughters
I am amazed by the one man's dedication to give a medal to India and how he trained his daughters for that.  What is striking is - if one man can do that with meagre resources and only two girls to choose - why aren't our officials able to replicate that with crores of money, power, resources and plenty of girls to choose from.

It is probably the devotion and dedication and sans any internal politics. The single point of focus should be a medal and nothing else - as in the case of Mr phogat.

maybe it is time to link the promotions of the officials with the number of medals they produce.  I am sure every official can be tasked with producing one medallist in his life time!!!

in the mean time my heartfelt salute to mr phogat for his unflinching belief in his dream and making it come true!!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Rani Padmavathi row

"We have regressed as a Nation" thundered my favourite heroine.  I cringed hearing this on national TV, coming from a well read and respected lady. 

Everytime an issue is raised about our National identity or history, we are made to feel guilty with words like
-fringe groups
-regressive mind set
-they cannot subdue us
-it is our right
-artistic freedom etc etc

So Mr Bhansali can distort the history of Rani Padmavathi or Mr Sanal Kumar Sasidharan can name his movie as Sexy Durga (both in the name of artistic freedom or freedom of expression) but the common man supposedly  has no right to protest.  If he/she protests they will branded  as fringe elements or regressive.  but nobody wants to ask Mr Bhansali as to why he wants to distort the history of a popular hindu queen (whether real or mythical is irrelevant) whose story formed part of history textbooks in school(it was when we were in school, i dont know if it still is) or Mr Sanal Kumar Sasidharan as to why he named his movie Sexy Durga when the movie  is supposedly about the bad experience of two hitchhikers, a man and a woman, at the hands of two other men at night. 

In case you decide to ask - the whole media, bollywood fraternity etc etc will swoop on you, ridicule you and cleverly&incessantly insult you so badly that you start doubting your own leanings/intentions.

But why do they do it? Why did Mr Bhansali make the queen dance in less clothes or allegedly have a dream sequence with khilji (this is only alleged - but if there is one - then it is blasphemy) or Why did Mr Sanal Kumar Sasidharan name his movie Sexy Durga? I hope they are simple financial considerations  to monetise the popularity of the characters or the controversies generated (with no other sinister motives)!!!

So, should we continue to protest such movies? Yes we must. Because as time progresses, historical movies become the basis for history.  A decade down the line children would watch this movie (like we read about rani padmavathi in text books) and mistake it for history (conspiracy theories may suggest that is the purpose of the movie).   For example 'Passion of the Christ' made in 2004 is now in the list top 10 biblical reference movies of all time!!! There was a lot of controversy when the movie was released but with time people have forgotten about it and now the film is there in the reference list!!!! That is the danger of well made movies.  Once the controversies die down, because of their A list actors and the lavish budgets they remain popular and over time become reference movies!!! 

As one great man said - if you want to destroy a Nation, erase its history - if we have no great history to read - we would continue to think that we are a poor under developed Nation contrary to what we  were - a Nation of warriors (may be divided into several kingdoms) but still a Nation of warriors!!! 

Therefore, we as a Nation must not be cowed down by a bunch of educated celebrities who are just trying to make some quick money at the cost of our heritage and culture. The issue is not of artistic freedom or intolerance - the issue is about preserving our National heritage and history.

These heroes & heroines who are in it just for the money should also not be lecturing us on National or Societal values as films are one of the primary causes for the decline in moral &ethical values in the society.  Every single word of this statement can be proved but that is a different subject altogether.

So let us protest this attitude in the only way that every common man can do i.e don't watch  these movies or any other movies of the actors in these movies.  That is the only way to non-violently pinch these movie makers who think they can do anything/make anything and claim the cover of artistic freedom.

As regards my favourite heroine - she is off my list now!!! 

Jai Hind