Monday, 3 August 2015

Govt blocks 857 adult sites

At last a long overdue action!!!

There are many who are likening this to Taliban like diktats of an authoritarian regime!!!  I only beg to differ.

There was a time which many middle aged people would remember that these sites were never free.  Most of them had only teaser previews and full viewing was limited only to subscribers who had a credit card.  Most of the students did not have one and as a result porn was out of their reach.  I would dare say here with a lot of conviction that their minds were less polluted!!!

All that changed with the change in internet business model which started monetising the number of clicks/views on the website.  This made content free with viewers forced to watch ads on the side/top or bottom of the page.  These ads are often very tantalising, seducing the viewers to reveal their credit card details.  Maybe they are used to legitimately subscribe for the content but they are prone to misuse also.  (Anyway that kind of misuse is beyond the purview of this post!!). 

As a consequence, majority of porn content on the net became free and can be accessed by anyone on a computer/tab/mobile.  Apart from normal missionary sexual depiction, all kinds of kinky sex is explicitly viewable.  At a young impressionable age, these images would be firmly implanted in the minds of children and it is foolish to assume they would retain a healthy respect for women as they grow up!!!  Moreover the women in these films are shown to enjoy these kinds of acts - the mature minds may make out that they are paid actresses but the young children may not make out the distinction or worse, may not care.  They make try to carry out similar acts which is where the real danger lies.  Children are no longer considered innocent and i feel sorry when i have to think twice to give a hug to a child!!

Also people who repeatedly watch porn need a sexual release!! one would recall that the Nirbhaya rapists also carried out the rape after watching a few sexual videos!!  In our country a ready sexual release is not freely available to everyone and this may be the reason for the increase in molestation/rapes in recent times!!

There are always 'naysayers' for every decison but the government must press on regardless  of the opposition.  The decison needs to be backed by top of the line technical expertise as it is not easy to enforce the ban.  Whatever be the difficulty we must do this, as we owe this to our children whose innocence must be preserved!!

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 5.  Internet.   The biggest culprit in current times!!! Can u imagine the kind of sites/blogs/threads that are there!!! and all are free!!! Some may make you hold your head in disbelief but some may make you puke (make your mom r!@#$).  With so much free video, audio and text material available catering to every kind of fantasy one can think of (including rape) - how do we stop young minds from being corrupted.  A classic example - there is one foreign site which depicts foreign women being molested on board trains and buses (in foreign countries).  But to the experienced eye, one can make out that the molestation is staged and that it is actually a sex film. But the ordinary people may feel that they can similarly molest women in india and to prove the point - about last week i came across an indian link depicting "molesting of an indian woman on bus"!!  The situation may be sad but true.

Pornography on internet is assuming dangerous proportions and is slowly destroying the moral fabric of the society.  One would re-collect that even the Nirbhaya rapists also confessed that they saw some blue films on the net/mobile before committing the crime.  That is the effect of these movies on young hot blooded guys. 

But, how do we tackle this particular menace. There is no easy answer.  Britian is probably the first country to ban porn (at least making it out of reach for children) recently.  Still, the devil is in the detail and the availability of technology to enforce the ban would decide how successful the ban is!!!
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