Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sorry Teacher?!!!

'Sorry Teacher' is a movie about an illicit affair between a student and his teacher. The titillating photos and promos are sure to excite the youth but it has also run into stiff opposition from women teacher associations, human rights commission and the high court.

Why is the film being opposed - because it depicts teachers as sexual objects and destroys the sacred relation between a teacher and a student (remember "guru brahmo guru vishnu?").  Being exposed to a film like this may have a lasting impression on young minds who may develop similar attitude towards their teachers.

Let us examine the facts. To begin with - this is not the first film where the hero had developed a crush on his teacher. the first film to the best of my knowledge was our good old Raj Kapoor's "mera naam joker" where he develops a crush on simi garewal, his teacher. Now lets be honest most of us (be it guys or ladies) have had a crush on one or the other teachers during our child hood and college days. And to have a crush on a teacher was considered quite normal by everyone in college even in those days.

So why this hue and cry over this movie?

Firstly - in all the crushes we had, the teacher never reciprocated and in many occassions she never even knew about it!!!!

Secondly - it was a crush where one wanted to be in the company of that teacher, listen to her or try be their favourite student etc with "love or infatuation" being the driving factor and not "sex"!!! and no where did the teacher by herself ever contribute to that, unlike the poster of this movie given below!!!!!! 

Then kicks in the censor board which gave the film a U/A certificate. Pray tell me!!! what is there in this for a child to watch the movie under adult/parental guidance!!! It would probably be most embarassing for a mother to watch this movie with her son or even for a father!!!  The censor board could atleast have given an 'A' certificate.

Fortunately our society is still active and members of the All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA) and United Teachers Federation (UTF) held protests at the office of Censor Board for Film Certification for giving the U/A certificate.  The high court too played its part by summoning the censor board member who gave the certificate.

The High court in the interim stayed the release of the film which is good news for all people holding saner visions of student-teacher relation ship.  It is understood that some organisations are calling for a total ban of the film!! I hope the high court does that!!! 

That would be the best teachers day gift our society can hope to give!!

"Happy Teacher's Day"

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