Sunday, 30 September 2012

Nightclubs and discos at 40

"Uncle can u give me that tin", i heard a feminine voice behind me, saying but i continued looking at the different items on display at the mall. "Uncle can u give me that tin", i heard it again but only this time the voice was louder and firm. I can't be a uncle for anyone, i thought to myself and ignored the voice.  'why cant you help the little girl" said my wife. Startled i looked around to see a girl in her early twenties addressing me for that tin.  She looked "hot" in her outfit but how could i be her uncle i reasoned with myself - after all i am only 40!!!! I always took care to go to the gym and exercise and keep myself fit, so when the girl received  the tin from me and said "Thank you uncle", it only dented my ego further. "oh! cmon you have a teen aged daughter - reasoned my visibly happy wife (happy that her husband has to at last acknowledge looking like an uncle no matter how much time he spends at the gym) but i could have none of it.

typical scenes in indian clubs
I remembered the time, that i was abroad when on the beaches, there were several nubile young girls in the best of their outfits and toned bodies but nobody called anyone "uncle" no matter what their age. 

beach party abroad

So, is this phenomenon peculiar to India?  I was in Mumbai at that time and I started to look around.  On very Fri/Sat night, there were plenty of teenagers waiting outside the discos just to get an entry as they were jampacked inside.  i really wonder if any 40 something guy like me with his wife/girlfriend would risk standing outside a disco late at night just to get an entry!!!.  The regulars at the disco's may say that it is easy to get in but what about the others? You are not  a teenager to keep waiting for the bouncers to call you in!!!  I am sure that a vast majority of middle aged people dont even make the journey!!

but if u look at people like me - I am hardly 40, i love dancing, i love having a good time and i dont want to be called "uncle" while doing it. 

Well in present day india, its not difficult if you are Shah rukh khan, Salman Khan or Amir Khan (all atleast 5 years older than me but girls seem to swoon to them and more importantly  dont call them 'uncle'). The same kids who call me Uncle (at 40) call Salman as Sallu bhai (even though he is 45+).  Why is life so unfair?  And Amitabh - he is called uncle at 60 but i am an uncle at 40!!! So where is the way out?  Cmon we are not finished!!! even we have some josh left in us and we do genuinely want to have fun.  So, whats the way out?

Can we have a disco exclusively for couples over 30?  Stags are allowed only if they are above 40!!!  Would this concept work in india? We are often embarrassed by the great moves by the mini skirt laden girl and the muscular guy on the floor that we don't even think of reaching there. What if , everyone on the floor is as left footed as us - would that be an impetus for us to pickup our wives/girlfiriends and head to the dance floor. Can this concept work?

middle aged people enjoying themselves
 Firstly, I think it will work mainly because the couples in their 30's and stags in 40's have much more money than the teenagers who throng the disco's and surely they wont mind paying a little extra for the good times.  Secondly, the existing discos/nightclubs could introduce this concept on one day in a month to study the trends - probably one friday in a month should give some result!!!

Lastly, for all those guys n ladies in 40's - dont give up on having fun coz u r just at the halfway mark in ur life - n dont let these youngsters subdue your moments of joy - coz the world is big enough for everyone to make merry simultaneously!!!

Remember - 'You're married and you have kids, but you ain't dead,"

(p.s : when i looked around there were others too echoing similar sentiments. you can read one here


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