Wednesday 17 February 2016

JNU protests

There is so much of politicking over the JNU protests!!! 

it is shocking and worrying to see young women and men take part in these protests in such large numbers. what is even more shocking is their belief in their cause (which is anti-india).

Such strong thoughts or visions could not have developed overnight and JNU must be harbouring these ideas over a long period of time.  The University must have been allowed to just simmer away quietly for years but now it has come to a boil.

There are people justifying it as "dissent" against government. Well you can dissent against the government but not against the country. That is basic common sense.

As the character Eddie Valentine (Paul Sorvino) in the 1991 movie "Rocketeer" says "I may not make an honest buck but I am 100% American"

There is a lot for our political parties to learn from this one line.   It may be too much of us to expect all of you to be honest but definitely we expect you to be 100% Indian!!

the simple botom line is - there is no place for anti-india protests in india. 

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Cafe Leopold - why do you feel so inferior?

It is reported that while 02 Indian families were made to wait for tables a group of foreigners were seated as soon as they came.  On confronting the management & staff over the issue, they were asked this - "why do you feel so inferior?"

Hard to accept but the inferior treatment is true.  Any one who visited places like Leopold can clearly see the discrimination between foreigners and indians unless they are half blind!!! I once waited for 20 minutes despite all tables being empty.  "They are all reserved", was the reply. So, I did the only thing I could do - i.e leave the place. That was 15 years ago and never tried to go back again!!!  But things are very different now in the age of social media.  People may not meekly accept this kind of racism in our own country.

We are a democratic country for 65 years but people such as these can make us feel inferior in our country!!! Often they forget that many of these foreigners are relatively lower paid people whose income may not even be half the income of many indians aspiring to visit such places.    So what makes them a better draw then? fair skin? low cut dresses? possibility of making out? Well your guess is as good as mine!!! or even as one waiter at a 5 star hotel quietly told me - "they are better tippers sir".

This is one racism that media should take up. more than the vip racism  in this country (because vip is also indian), color and country based racism in our own country needs to be taken up so urgently.

we heard that hotels used to have sign boards such as these during the british raj!!!

Hope such things are not happening even now (without the sign boards of course)

many of us do not have the will or commitment to take on such big establishments.  like me - i felt bad about the way i was treated but walked away without doing anything about it.  In such a scenario, Kudos to this lady for taking up her case valiantly.  May there be more like her!!!

Lastly, it is not just about boycotting the restaurant. That may or may not work.  

What is more important is taking pride in being an "Indian". Nobody can make us feel "inferior" in our own country.  We are a growing world super power (despite the colour of our skin) which the entire world is recognising slowly.  When our PM Modi ji speaks the whole world listens with attention - which makes our hearts swell with pride - But if some establishments within our own country feel otherwise and want to puncture our pride - it is a sad state and the Government may also like to step in to ensure that such things do not happen.

Friday 5 February 2016

Juvenile kills again

A juvenile apparently killed a elderly woman on monday in south delhi.

The killer was the same guy who was released (for good behaviour) just two months  after he killed a child in september last year - yes you read it right - just two months after he killed a child.

He was found guilty of having kidnapped a child and murdering him in september last year when the child's parents could not pay the ransom.  Despite  kidnapping and the gruesome act of killing a child he was remanded to a juvenile home as he was below 18 years.  

It is really quite inexplicable as to what good behaviour he would have shown the authorities in two months which made them overlook his act of kidnapping & murder and release him.  Atleast a thought could have been spared for the killed child and his parents!!!

Now the child might have found the easy way out - kill and rob - and even if gets caught he would be tried as a juvenile!!!

At this rate - even professional goons may hire children!!!

The authorities who apparently left him for good behaviour need to answer and such acts of largesse (if true) need to be made accountable so that they are not repeated.

We must call for further  changes in the juvenile law to keep it in tune with the current state of the society.
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Thursday 4 February 2016

10 army soldiers killed in siachen avalanche

01 JCO and nine soldiers were reportedly killed in an avalanche in siachen.

HATS off to their courage in patrolling our borders despite the lurking danger of avalanches and snow trenches.

But the important point is - their tragic story is in the middle pages of National newspapers and what makes front page head lines in big n bold is this -

"Ex-Major Generals Son held in Goa for suspicious movement"

The story of the 10 soldiers should have been the front page news

This is rather strange news especially when the Goa DGP himself had said that nothing concrete had been found against the boy to link him with any terror organisation!!!

Then why this front page news?--just because his father is a retired Maj Gen?!!!

We must stop slandering the Armed Forces like this.  They are going through so many troubles in guarding our borders and keeping the Nation safe. Throwing muck at the Armed forces even without any concrete proof would severely demoralise the armed forces serving both at the border and peace areas and hope that Govt steps in to ensure that such articles do not appear in print media or even initiate legal action in cases of false reporting.

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