Wednesday, 5 December 2012

India - An emerging Superpower?

I often pride myself on my country being a superpower by virtue of the might of our armed forces or the economic programs of our government or the robust banking system or our talented youth going places in the world etc... 

However, its the last one i.e our talented youth going places in the world is what is apparently ruffling feathers and there appears to be subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) attempts to discourage indians from seeking employment abroad. what is unsettling is that - why only indians are being targetted? Is it because we are more talented and the locals are afraid of losing their jobs to us OR is it because we are cheaper in cost?

these talented indians 'nri's' make a decent amount of money, have a good lifestyle and can afford a better standard of living than the average indian. This naturally draws several people to these 'jobs abroad' but with very little knowledge about its pitfalls. there have been a string of incidents - be it mugging/killing of students in australia, uk, us and more recently the twin incidents of Dr savita and the conviction of Mr&mrs chandrasekhar. Its easy to condemn these NRI's saying that no one invited them to take up jobs outside (as they are the ones who are enjoying the fruits of it) but as our fellow countrymen (even if non resident) and on humanitarian grounds we must stand by them in every way which we can. 

Our government may also be right in saying that this is a personal case as diplomatic relations cannot be leveraged for every incident. However I hope that the couple is being given all legal counsel to defend their case in the higher courts and I also hope that Mr chandrasekhar's company TCS and Indian Mission/High commission is stepping in with their might in so far as can be legally tenable. 

the important lesson to learn from these incidents is - dont just rush to a new country without fully understanding the culture and the mindset of the people there. It may be better for companies to do a one/two months familiarisation course of the country (including culture/people/laws etc) prior to deputing their employees to an alien land. In these fast paced times, if companies do not have the time and money for the same, it may be in the best interests of the individuals concerned to take it up on their own for their own safety. 

However, the govt, corporate world, responsible citizens and social organisations may need to come together and evolve a strategy to ensure such incidents do not repeat themselves. In the mean time we just hope that justice is somehow delivered to Mr&Mrs chandrasekhar either through the governmental or legal route. 
(The distraught couple)

A few questions persist in the present case which are inconsistent
1. Kurt Lir, head of prosecution, Oslo Police department, had told a news agency that “there were burn marks and scars on the body of the child, who has also been beaten by the belt.” As the child was in hyderabad, how did he substantiate his charges in the court? 

2. Mr chandrasekhar's brother had reported that they were told by the lawyers that the school’s orange book in which the child’s prognosis was recorded was missing. Again if that be so, then how were the charges substantiated? 

3. Is the couple being victimised just because they were Asian/Indian? (as claimed by the victim's kin) 

Issues no 1 & 2 have to be examined by a court of law and we hope that the court adjudicates in an unbiased and uninfluenced manner. 

Issue no 3, if true, is where the nation needs to act as one and send out a strong message to the all miscreants that we are not soft targets. If our people are ill treated outside the country just for being indian, no matter our economic might, it all just comes to nought. 

Everyone would agree that such an incident would not have happened had the couple been an American. That is the true indication of a super power. The day our people are respected just for being Indian - Only the day that is achieved - the tag of an emerging Super Power has any relevance.  I sincerely hope that the day arrives soon as it is Time!!!