Monday, 20 November 2017


It may be a little late to write about the movie Dangal but i was so impressed watching it a few days back that i decided to write about it.

much has been written about the movie so i wont delve further on that.

the real mr phogat and daughters
I am amazed by the one man's dedication to give a medal to India and how he trained his daughters for that.  What is striking is - if one man can do that with meagre resources and only two girls to choose - why aren't our officials able to replicate that with crores of money, power, resources and plenty of girls to choose from.

It is probably the devotion and dedication and sans any internal politics. The single point of focus should be a medal and nothing else - as in the case of Mr phogat.

maybe it is time to link the promotions of the officials with the number of medals they produce.  I am sure every official can be tasked with producing one medallist in his life time!!!

in the mean time my heartfelt salute to mr phogat for his unflinching belief in his dream and making it come true!!

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