Friday, 6 March 2015

An insult to Nirbhaya

BBC went ahead and broadcast the documentary on Nirbhaya.  In fact they preponed the broadcast date to yesterday night in U.K.  

What was the tearing hurry to broadcast the film without court clearences in this country and further upload it on you tube is a question which BBC would be hard pressed to answer.  

Sample a few stats in this regard-
as per open sources - 85,000 women are raped in u.k every year
which means that everyday 232 women are being raped in england.

In India 93 women (as against 232 in england) are raped every day.
Now compare the populations of both countries.
India has a population of of 1200 million and england has a population of about 50 million.

Therefore the % rapes of women in uk is 0.0017 per year 
whereas in India it is 0.0000028 
i.e rapes in india are 1000 times lesser. 

So, the simple question - if BBC wanted to highlight the plight of women why didnt they look inwards into the British prisons and interview the rape convicts there.  Why did they come here and why did they feel that broadcasting an interview of an Indian rapist only should make the cut?

Lastly, how do we address this blatant disobedience of our govt's requests and court's directives by the BBC? 

How we address this issue could be one of the defining moments of the inner strengths of our great Nation.

Hope our Govt gives a befitting reply to this stance of BBC.

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