Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Mind of a rapist - Nirbhaya case

"She should not have fought back - and just allowed herself to be raped" - I almost fell off my chair reading this ticker in all the news channels in the morning.

what's wrong with this guy - i thought - but there was more from this ruthless b@#$%^d which i dont even want to reproduce on my blog.  (Just who the f@#k do these guys think they are?). He even predicted that more people would be killed after rape if he is hanged. oh! man! how twisted can the argument get? you really need an extremely sick state of mind to do what he did and then say things like this.

While it was revolting to read the ticker itself, the feling only compounded on knowing that there is going to be a world premiere of the interview with the rapist.  For heaven's sake - it is a hollywood or bollywod movie to have a world premiere?  It is just an interview with a guy who should have long been hanged to death.  why are we attaching so much importance to that rapist and his act?  are we here to hear his convoluted moral stories? dont people have respect towards our sensibilities? has anyone bothered to know if we want to see such short films!!! 

I am writing this in severe anguish and call upon everyone concerned to boycot this short film and just switch off their tv/change channels during its broadcast.  Some people just want to make a fast buck out of everything.  if the makers were really so concerned about her - they should have done something to rehabilitate others who have suffered like her and not just shed crocodile tears and make a film to be applauded on the cocktail circuits!!

Just because the film was made/sponsored by BBC does not by itself give it a stamp of authoritative approval - the viewer has to be convinced enough to watch it.

And lastly, let the Lady rest in peace and help bring the perpetrators of the crime  quickly to the book including the juvenile.

That will be a real and lasting tribute to her.

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