Monday, 23 March 2015

censor board for TV

censor board
Yesterday i found my 4 year old daughter humming the lyrics of the sunny leone song 'baby doll'. I was shocked as i try my best to avoid unneccessary tv exposure to my little one.

Now here she is, despite my best efforts singing this song!!!  One can be dismissive and simply brush aside the whole issue saying that - i could have locked the channel, switched off the tv, disconnected my cable connection etc etc ... the list is endless.

but look at it from my point of view.  how many channels can i lock? with subtly sexy ads and songs coming in all channels with no prior warning to viewers, how do we react to this?

In addition i must say - if a thief manages to enter your bed room - whose fault is it - your's or the thief's? -  these tv visuals are like thieves who trespassed into our houses and they are refusing to go!!!!!

Its not only the shows/songs but also the advertisements that have turned objectionable with deo sprays, condomns and even some ointment ads being made to look like ultra soft porn.  Some super righteous and super idealistics have said that only perverts can find 'ads' to be porn.  Well I wish to say to all of them - hey this is the real world!! please let go your lofty ideals, come down to grass roots level and see what is happening every day on the ground!!!
The TV shows do carry a notice that if we wish to, we can complain to the Broadcasting authority of India against the content.  This shows that there is already a regulatory body to keep a check on TV.  But why entertain complaints after the show is broadcast - why not have it screened by the regulatory body prior broadcast like for movies.  
This may need some additional organisation, manpower and resources but then, this is the need of the hour.
It's time - yes -it's time that we have a censor board for TV shows and the adverts too.  

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