Saturday, 7 March 2015

India's daughter

This saga sems to be continuing!!! The documentary film maker refuses to let the issue pass.  Now, she even started sermonising the Indian society and it is reported that she  petetioned the honourable PM against the ban.

The editor's guild of India also appealed for the ban to be revoked. Wonder what their view point is!!!

While she is certain to draw accolades for her film with the kind of attention it generated, the same could not be said about the content or the intent of the film.

The film and the kind of movie star like attention it heaped on the perpetrator of the crime also doesn't do any good to anyone.  This is one thing that the late Nirbhaya would certainly agree!! May God be with her in these tough times and let her soul rest in peace.


  1. Please share your opinion at , rate and review the documentary to show your support against its ban in india.

  2. dear sir/madam,
    i support the ban. i feel that the story of nirbhaya must be allowed to rest and her perpetrators brought to book rather


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