Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mind of a rapist - Nrbhaya case prt 2

I woke up to some really heartening news.  Delhi police had managed to obtain an injunction against screening of the film.  Some women's organisations have also written to a prominent news channel not to broadcast the programme.

The BBC film maker who very articulately named the interview 'India's daughter' called it an attack on free speech!!! As a sensitive citizen of this country, my answer to that is - 'if you think it is - so be it, but we don't want such documentaries'. No need for any false pretences or apologies on that count. It must be ensured that the documentary is not aired on any of the foreign channels in india as well.  I am sure the honourable courts and the police would ensure that.

And as for the parents supporting the film, I doubt they would have really understood the gravity of the film,  They must have been happy that a film on their daughter has been made.  This is not to belittle the parents but to high light that they are common people like you and me who are gullible and can be easily conned!!

Anyway this day started on a cheerful note and hope more good news fills in as it progresses!!

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