Sunday, 3 February 2019

mobile phones

I bought a Nokia windows phone for my wife three years back for valentine's day at rupees 12000($185).  I wanted to change it for this valentines so went to the mobile shops for an exchange offer.  Most of the shops refused to take it back. One shop offered me rupees 400($6) and another rupees 800($12) against purchase of a new phone costing rupees 19500 ($300).

Then i have realised that a fully working phone bought for 12000rs has become next to worthless in 3 years.

Nokia 550
It also struck me how these phones are silently eating into our budgets.  In the last 5 years i changed 4 phones and my wife & teenaged daughter 2 each.  That is 8 phones in all.  Considering each costs about 13k rupees ($200) on the lower side that is more than a lakh rupees ($1600) in five years or about 20k per year.  This sum multiplies 4-5 times if high end phones are used by the family.

Imagine an Iphone which retailed for 35k 3-4 years back is worthless now as no one wants it.

As per open source reports, our country had imports of more than twice our population in the last 6-8 years with majority of the sales going to chinese XIAOMI or HUAWEI or SAMSUNG or other foreign manufacturers.  So we are not only denting our pockets but also filling the coffers of foreign telecom companies.  We have far more phones than there are toilets in the country!!!

And  - what is happening to all the e-waste we are generating?? Where is it getting dumped??  Also a lot of rare earth metals are being used up to manufacture these new smart phones, the excavation of which is reported to be causing significant ecological damage.

This is where the government can consider stepping in and introducing some regulation both to safe guard us from our own spending and the environmental damage this buying spree is doing.  This is one regulation which needs to be implemented in current times than several other archaic ones in force.

But can it be done??  

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