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Chennai express - part 2

Chennai Express - PART 2
part 1 can be read on this blog here

Chennai Express - Part 2

Like I said at the end of part 1, we did go to see the movie.  Put me back by a cool 1200/- rupees including the eats n drinks.

First the bad parts

1.  The story is very run of the mill and an oft repeated one
2.  The story line is entirely predictable from the beginning to the end
3.  Story was needlessly stretched towards the end
4.  what made Shah Rukh change his mind was not clear
5.  How did Shah Rukh become so strong, so as to thrash everyone in the end?
6.  the handling of his dadaji's death leaves a bad taste!!
7.  Lastly, even Shah rukh's ardent admirers have to agree that he looks way too old to pull off romantic contortions of his face.   Those impossible contortions looked good when he was young and they probably mesmerised the women.  But at his present age, they make us suffer. I just could not look at his face in the movie after he says ' i love you' to Deepika.  I hope our dear Shah rukh takes note.

Next the Good parts

1.  See it for Deepika - for her looks, effortless acting and comic timing
2.  See it for Priyamani - for her good looks and dance
3.  See it for the beautiful locales and brilliant camera work
4.  See it for the lungi dance song (not for the lungi dance per se which looks quite cheap but for the rest of the song)
5.  See it for the comic parts 
6. It is a true family movie. no sex or vulgarity and not too much fighting!!

Lastly - the average parts
1. SRK's acting. I felt most of the time he was trying to be a part of the Gen X.  Quite hyper and over acting many times.  But SRK being SRK , he manages to hold the audience.
2. Stunts

The sermon towards the end by SRK about women not getting liberation even after 66 years of independence ( i think he said in the 66 th year of independence, he should read my post, feels out of place. It may have been deliberately placed there to win over some women viewers.

Still, the sermon sounds hollow, as SRK (as Rahul) has scant respect for his grand parents, who brought him up since child hood after the death of his parents. Have you heard of 'love for grand parents' or 'gratitude' , Mr Rahul?.  You have no gratitude or loyalty to your grand parents or the village which helped you, then Mr, what sort of values do you stand for?

SRK (as a real individual) is  guilty of being party to the depiction of grand parents being treated in this way.  Even the manner in which Dadaji dies is in exceptionally poor taste.  Its not just money friends!!! You need to care about what sort of values you are propagating!!!

But who gives a fish?!!! The film is a big hit and is racing towards the 200 crores mark in just a week!!!  And such films will continue to be made!!!


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